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The AIMA case research centre is established after a lot of discussion, deliberation and research. The purpose of setting up of India case research centre at AIMA is primarily to focus on developing and publishing Industry based India-focused research cases.


AIMA conducts and publishes industry and academic based research, surveys and reports in various facets of management

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Digital leap

Digital transformation provides enormous potential for organisations grow their businesses, albeit, they understand and plans for the prerequisites of the transformation. A key critical success factor of any digital transformation initiative is obtaining an understanding of and planning for all required forms of transformation.

by Thomas Erl
Indian Management 2022-02-22

The leadership sweet spot

Selecting a leader to ‘lead’ others so that these others can offer their best to the team, requires a totally different set of skills as compared to the skills required for individual success.

by Cyrus MR Gonda
Indian Management 2022-02-22

A new lease of life

The story of how, in less than two decades, Tatas transformed a sluggish public sector enterprise like VSNL into a global telecommunications conglomerate.

by Dr Shashank Shah
Indian Management 2022-02-22
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